The city streets offered me a visual appreciation unique to urban life.  I started photographing Calgary  around the mid 90’s while strolling around different communities on foot.  

I learn to become a good observer and made me appreciate the gradual changes as I photographed the different architecture and the interaction between the old and the new. My focus was not place on people but the surroundings and the ever-changing Cityscapes.

The reality is that a great majority of the Calgary population lives/work and play in urban areas. There is a constant opportunity and need for upgrading of housing and Infrastructure by the public and private sectors.

I have always maintained a fascination for Manufacture Environments and Civil and Industrial Infrastructure designed to support human activities.

Often, I pointed my lens at the ordinary and sometimes I capture the extraordinary.  Even as I was walking the common back alleys got exposed to the way we live and the way we interact with our surroundings, the symbiosis between humans and city.

Today, in 2021 the project still “on going” and now I’m in the process of printing the photographs and producing a record of my visual experiences with a hope to inspire interest, wonder and a sense of place.

The produced photographs are not trying to offer a deeper meaning, beyond their aesthetic appeal and documentary value. I simply photographed what was there and appeal to me at that moment.

Scope of the project:  Main effort was place on photographing the areas and communities following the railroad traveling from East to West. Starting on Ogden, continuing to Inglewood, Ramsay, East Village, Downtown Core, Kensington and Sunnyside, Montgomery and ending in Bowness.

Technical aspects: Literally thousands of negatives and digital files have been accumulated in the many years of photographing Calgary. Prints are made and some from old negatives that had to be digitize first. No photo has been “manipulated” or altered to retain the fidelity, honestly and integrity of the project.

These photos represents just a “synopsis” from the total work produced.

Support: If you are interested in cooperation or support or collaboration please contact

Carlos Alberto Salinas at:  salinas2@hotmail.com


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