I have an immeasurable desire to photograph and I feel that it has little to do with my mind.  It is also NOT about looking, but seeing.  I will have to feel the need to use the camera. Such an inadequate and limited tool.  The camera pretending to “capture” the beauty or the light of the moment. Perhaps a way of reconciliation between art and reality.                                I understand that I cannot “reproduce” with precision what I saw or more importantly what I felt at the moment of taking the photograph.  But, knowing all of this  I would say that the passion of taking a photograph makes me feel “alive”.

Many times, I walk around aimlessly and without a purpose and more less letting the scene in front of me dictate “the moment”. Sometimes imagination takes over and I would like to be a painter or a poet but I’m neither. I’m just a simple observer and unpretentious communicator.